Commercial Motor


Keeping you on the road and insured correctly


With our years of experience in providing commerical motor insurance we've seen it all.  Commercial vehicles are the life blood of any business and without having them insured, you simply cannot use them.  


As with most commercial insurance many people believe cheaper is better, and risk underinsuring their vehicles to save miniscule amounts of money. We arrange insurance through all the major providers and have special underwriting schemes with most.  


Due to our independence we can search the market for you. We have no individual ties to one insurer like some other brokers.  This way you can get the best deal confident in the fact that we will give you the choice. 


Remember if you have employees, employer's liability is a legal requirement. Also if you are to undertake any work for a local authority they will almost certainly want to see your public liability certificate before you get the job.


We have quite a reputation in the insurance market for negotiating the best prices for our customers. We are often given discounts other brokers can't receive because insurers trust our expertise and honesty.


What makes us unique is that we will NEVER turn you away, no matter how strange or outrageous you may think your insurance needs are, we will arrange cover for you, or at least point you in the right direction.  


If you prefer to speak to a real person on a local rate phone number with no long menus, give us a call.  The person who sells you the policy can be contacted throughout your policy term. Not many others can say that!


Call us today 01204 848481 or click the quote buttons to get an online quote.